seasonal sensations

Bringing flavor to your holiday table, one drizzle at a time.

Just a Drizzle

Want to amp up your favorite holiday foods?

All it takes is a drizzle

  • Drizzle extravaGONZO Roasted Garlic Oil on mashed potatoes for a mellow richness everyone will love

  • Drizzle extravaGONZO Jalapeno Lime Oil on popcorn for an inspired twist on an old fave

  • Drizzle extravaGONZO Blood Orange Oil on almonds before roasting to add a citrus-y sweetness

  • Drizzle extravaGONZO Dark Balsamic and sea salt on chocolate ice cream for a sophisticated take on a decadent treat




Holiday recipes that will knock their socks off

Gifting the extravaGONZO way - with flavor for all!

For their teacher

A gift that fits everyone

For cousin Joe

Because he cooks with gusto

For Nana & Pop

Who always love trying new things

Cook ~ Drizzle ~ Splash ~ Pour!

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Cook ~ Drizzle ~ Splash ~ Pour!